4 AMAZING NFT Tools that would help you Get Started

So, if you’re new to the NFT space, then there’s a lot to learn. When you’re wondering which tools would make your life way easier, then we’ve got you covered and would help you get started. But first, here’s a disclaimer.


We are not financial advisors. The content on our website is for educational purposes only and merely cites our own personal opinions.

And at the end of this article, you’ll discover our best pick, an all-in-one NFT tool that has almost everything we need. On top of that, it’s FREE. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


1 rarity.tools

Perhaps if you haven’t heard of this tool before, “rarity.tools” is basically a website that ranks rarities of different NFT projects. Here, you can search for any project that you want to see.

NFT tool

So, if you hover your mouse pointer to the “All Collections,” you’ll see the Top projects of the day. Like, for example, Board Ape Yacht, Cryptopunks, World of Woman and etc.

And at the forefront of the website, you’ll see the “Newest NFT Collections Added.” This tool would be helpful for you to get an idea about the rarity of NFTs that you might decide to invest in later on.

NFT tool

2 RarityRanks

This tool somehow works like the “rarity.tools,” but this also came as a chrome plugin. And that’s where it gets exciting. Because after you install it in chrome, when you go to OpenSea and click an NFT collection, like, for example, The Doge Pound or Cryptopunks. You could automatically see their “rarity rank.” This would generally provide you with an insight into which Floor NFTs would be a great pick to buy as they might have a better chance of getting sold at a higher price later on.

NFT tool

3 Dune Analytics

Just like in crypto, having a technical analysis would allow you to see things that would normally others would ignore. And with that, Dune Analytics gives you an advantage. Though not everyone would spend time looking at these charts, analytic graphs, etc. Still, it’s undeniably better and safer for a beginner to have a data-driven analysis based on NFT volumes, Average floor price. So, to determine if the NFT project you’re interested in OpenSea would be a profitable choice for your NFT initial venture.

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All-in-One NFT tool!


This goes as our best pick. By far, it’s the most complete NFT tool available in the scene, and here’s why. When you go to its website, you’ll be amazed at how it’s very easy to use.

NFT tool

And on its header, at the menu, you could access different features such as Analytics, NFTs, Whales, and Drops. Then if you hover your mouse pointer, each feature would show a dropdown list. Like in Analytics, you could check the rankings and price estimates.

Then in NFTs, you could discover the newest collections, the rarest collectibles, etc. But more importantly, the Drops. This feature would let you discover the best upcoming NFT projects, all with their price and the mint page.

Final thoughts about NFTGO

This tool probably had almost everything that we needed as starters. On top of that, the website is secured and doesn’t need your financial information, like the wallet address of your MetaMask. And of course, it’s free, so you could start using it right away.

NFT tool

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To be continued…

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