Beginner’s Guide: How to Setup MetaMask and connect to OpenSea

Did you know that on January 31st  this year, OpenSea had traded $233 million on its platform? So, around $10 million worth of NFTs were being sold per hour that day. That’s why many were enthusiastic about joining the NFT craze in OpenSea. But you’ve got to have a crypto wallet like MetaMask first. And before we guide you through that, here’s a disclaimer.


We are not financial advisors. The content on our website is for educational purposes only and merely cites our own personal opinions.

Moreover, at the end of this article, we’ll tell you a secret that most beginners forget to check. This will let you avoid known MetaMask hacking incidents. Then, enough said, let’s dive in.

Basic Step by Step Guide

1 Download MetaMask

First, go to ‘’ and click the ‘Download’ button. After that, MetaMask would check which browser you use. It could be Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. However, we choose Chrome since it’s the most compatible.

2 Install

To continue, click ‘Install MetaMask for Chrome,’ this will take you to the Chrome Extension Store. There, click ‘Add to Chrome,’ then a window will pop up, so click ‘Add extension’ to proceed. Then, wait for a bit as MetaMask is downloaded and getting installed. Once done, it will take you to the MetaMask welcome page, then click ‘Get Started.’

3 Create Wallet

’Afterwards, you’ll end up on a page with ‘Import Wallet’ and ‘Create a Wallet.’ Next, click on ‘Create a Wallet,’ then MetaMask would ask for your consent with their feedback feature, which you could click agree or not.

4 Create Password

After reading it and deciding which, it would now ask you to create your password. Fill up the password that should have at least eight characters. Then after reading the ‘Terms of Use,’ click ‘I have read and agree to,’ then ‘create.’

5 How Important Secret Recovery Phrase?

This part is where you should pay more attention. As there will be a video that talks about the ‘Secret Recovery Phrase,’ explaining why you should never forget these 12 words. Then, after watching, click ‘Next.’

6 Actual Secret Recovery Phrase

Secret Recovery Phrase. Here, click reveal and then take note of the 12 words in their particular order.

7 Confirm Your Secret Recovery Phrase

You’ve got to confirm it on the next page by clicking each word in the right order, then click ‘confirm.’ If you’ve got it right, then you’ve just made your first MetaMask wallet.

8 See Your MetaMask Address

To see your MetaMask address, All you need to do is click “All Done” and you are a few steps away to connect your MetaMask Wallet to OpenSea.

9 Go to OpenSea

To connect your MataMask Wallet to OpenSea, go to “” Here, click the profile icon, and it will ask you to connect your wallet.

10 Connect Your MetaMask Wallet

Click MetaMask, and there will be a pop-up where you should click ‘next,’ then ‘Connect.’ Congratulations, you’ve successfully set up MetaMask and connected it to OpenSea.

Don’t Forget This

Here’s one thing that most beginners forget to check. Most NFT projects Mint page requires connecting your MetaMask wallet, and that’s when a security breach could happen. Hackers could make a Fake Mint Page, and then compromise your NFTs and Cryptocurrencies inside your wallet. So always disconnect your MetaMask from every website that you’ve connected with every time you’re done checking it.

To be continued…

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