The TERRIBLE Collapse of Luna – Effects on NFTspace

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Did you know that since the Covid Pandemic started, the NFT sales reached up to $17.5 billion from­­­ $82.5 million? That’s almost 200x, and those were massive gains that made people millionaires in a day. But in crypto, everything could burst like a bubble, like what happened to the Luna token. And these are the … Read more

Flipping NFTs in OpenSea vs. MagicEden

Flipping NFTs in OpenSea vs MagicEden

There are two ways of flipping NFTs. It’s either you do a quick flip for a fast profit, or you hold for weeks and wait for the NFT collection to pump in floorprice. Either way, profit is profit. And before we continue, here’s a disclaimer. Disclaimer This content is not financial advice, it merely cites … Read more