Solana NFTs Part 2 | We’ve Earned 150$ in our first WL Mint!

The NFT space first started in Ethereum blockchain, then it exploded like crazy. And soon, some When talking about Solana NFTs, the top of the line is always the DeGods NFT collection that is currently at 30,000$ on its floor price. But have you heard of “Okay Bears?” They’re making the headlines as the next blue-chip project that already made millionaires in just a day. Though we were far from that, we’ve still made a small success.


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So, at the end of this article, you’ll discover what we did and how we earned 150$ in our first Whitelist Mint. Then, enough of the intro. Let’s begin.

NFT Terms You Must Know First

So, if you’re ever new to NFT space, here are the words you’ve got to know first. Whitelist, Floor price, Paperhand, and Mint. But before everything else, this is a continuation of our previous videos about “What to do to get whitelisted ASAP” and our Solana NFT journey. Then, going back, whitelist means that you’re guaranteed to Mint an upcoming NFT project. Next, floor price means that’s the lowest NFT price in a collection. And paperhand means that an NFT owner would right away sell his NFT at the current floorprice just because his unsure what to happen next. Then, Mint means the actual creation of an NFT that would require a minting fee or just the gas fee. Then it’s all set, and now, let me tell you what happened.

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Get Whitelisted

Well, with  a bit of luck and real efforts, we managed to get a whitelist spot in the discord server of an NFT project named the “Miners of Mars.” And it’s our very first experience with whitelist mint in our NFT journey. The main takeaway from this is that WL mint would always get their turn first, before the public mint. And sometimes, there would be no NFT left to the mint for the public after a WL mint, and this happened to this project.

We've Earned 150$ in our first WL Mint!

Mint Our NFT

Out of 7000, with the 4000 whitelist spot, in just 40 minutes of the whitelist mint, the entire collection got sold out. There, we mint at 1SOL, and a maximum of 3 tokens, so we minted 3 for 3SOL, around 300$. But again, this is not financial advice, and make sure always do your own research first.

Sell & Sold NFT

Then, after checking that we’ve got 2 commons and 1 rare, we tried paperhanding the two NFTs for 1.79SOL and 1.75SOL. We couldn’t believe that it got sold in a minute. If computed with the fees with got already a good profit. However, while trying to hold the rare one, we’ve noticed that the floorprice started to fall, and out of fear and perhaps lack of experience, we’ve paperhanded the rare miner for 1.39SOL. Yes, just like the other two, it got sold in a flash.

First Profit from NFT

This experience was already a bountiful gain. Since we spent 300$ in minting 3NFTs that we later sold for almost 450$. With that, we’ll get to take home the 150$ as our profit. And it’s all thanks for getting whitelisted in a very promising NFT project, “Miners of Mars.”

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To be continued…

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