NFT 101: Do this and get Whitelisted NOW

Well, for instance, if an NFT project takes off and goes up to the moon, then it’s no secret that the early holders often make the largest chunk in profit. But did you know that there’s a trick to guarantee being an early holder? And that’s getting ‘Whitelisted.’ So, before we tell you more, here’s a disclaimer.


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Well, like what we’ve said, we’ve done a lot of things to simp our way in getting a whitelist spot, and at the end of this article, you’ll find out what exactly we got in getting whitelisted in a particular NFT Project. But first, here’s what whitelisted really means and why many people are eager to become. So, let’s begin.

What is NFT Whitelist?

‘Whitelist,’ ‘WL,’ or ‘Whitelisted’ almost every day in your timeline on social media. And here’s why. Getting a slot in the whitelist actually would guarantee someone to mint a particular NFT Project on a certain date. This means that we’ll perhaps mint the NFT with a discount, more perks, and just totally avoid the “Gas Wars” on that Project’s pre-launch. And even only one of these will really be enough for people to do whatever it takes to get whitelisted, but before we dive into that. What’s on the NFT Project for giving these benefits. Actually, it’s a way to encourage the early supporters of an upcoming NFT project and serve as their reward for adding value to its growing community. And, here’s what we should do.

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How To Get Whitelisted?

Of course, we need to look for an upcoming project that is on pre-launch, and we’re going to look for their Discord server. After that, here are the most common methods to get ‘Whitelisted.’ Generally, to make sure that the community stays healthy, it’s encouraged to be active and helpful to other members. And that could mean putting a real effort into looking for a way to provide value. Like sending invites, making fan art related to the Project, giving suggestions, and even making memes could actually get you whitelisted. However, the whitelist is limited, and that means most members are competing with each other to get on, and the way most NFT Project mods handle this is by making raffles with requirements, or we could participate in games, trivia about the NFT project and perhaps won a whitelist spot.

What are the benefits of being Whitelisted?

For example, those who got whitelisted for the Castle Kid NFT minted for 0.08 ETH and made a sure profit during the public mint where the floor price reached 0.1 – 0.16 ETH. So, in general, that’s the short-term gains we can get. Then, let me tell you about our actual experience.

First, while looking at the upcoming NFT Project, we’ve noticed one that had a very pellicular art style, and it’s getting promoted on an NFT Platform. And when we look closely, the NFT Art was actually hand-drawn, with the lore about the Miners of the Mars. That seemed really parallel to the current trend, the Space X of Elon Musk. Well, it’s not quite surprising that this Project could become successful. Again, before you do anything, make sure you’ve done ‘DYOR,’ aka. “Do-Your-Own-Research.”

We got Whitelisted

Knowing that the Project’s artist had drawn a comic in Marvel, we’ve immediately joined its discord server. The Project would only have 7k  NFTs and 3000 slots on its whitelist. The time is tough as we’ve joined late, and many already got their spot. The Server had almost more than 10,000 members, and getting whitelisted seemed to be already a pipedream. Despite that, we tried participating in trivia, games, and discussions. Until it was one day left before the whitelist would close.

Here’s how we got Whitelisted in Miners of Mars

Yes, we’ve happened to be online on the server, so make sure you really invest time in an NFT Project that you really like. The main Admin said he would give 10 whitelist spots for the 10 who get the first wins. So, it happened that we were online at that time. However, suddenly the command for that particular game didn’t work. And out of the blue, the Admin made those who are online in the particular channel of the server, at the right moment and the right place, become whitelisted.

We’re shocked by the fact that we’ve managed to luck our spot on the whitelist. Well, regardless, these are the perks. First, we’ve got to mint first before the public mint, thus avoiding the possible expensive gas fee. Next, we are allowed to mint 3 NFTs compared to the public, which is limited to 1 Nft. And lastly, we got to have the fixed minting price, which would perhaps be cheaper than the floor price in the public mint and the secondary market in NFT platforms. Which means we could profit. So, that’s what we’ve experienced.

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To be continued…

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