Polygon Part 2: BUY NFTs without expensive GAS fee

So, ever interested in an upcoming project. As there are a ton of them out there in OpenSea that started at low ‘floor price,’ then after 3 months, like the ‘ZED RUN Legacy,’ its highest NFT piece sold reached 110 ETH. Well, before everything else, here’s a disclaimer.


We are not financial advisors. The content on our website is for educational purposes only and merely cites our own personal opinions.

Aside from that, after reading this article, you’ll discover how Polygon could help you to start buying NFTs without worrying about the expensive gas fee, not to miss another Project that you could actually afford. Then, right away, let’s begin

Use Polygon Chain

If you can no longer stand your friend who keeps bugging you to invest with the NFT project he had, then let me welcome your first into this amazing venture. But you probably just wanted to try the first Polygon is one of the biggest blockchains that’s in the OpenSea platform.

Polygon served as a scaling solution to lessen the load of the main blockchain of all NFTs, the Ethereum blockchain. As the Ethereum blockchain suffers from congested and high traffic transactions, the Polygon acts as a sidechain that alleviates this problem, and so with that, all transactions, such as minting, buying, and listing NFTs, would be not as costly as before.

BUY NFTs without expensive GAS fee


Connect MetaMask Wallet on OpenSea

Polygon works in Opensea in such a way that it allows NFT beginners, Start-up Artists, or just anyone to, let’s say, experience the NFT space without getting intimidated by the expensive gas fee in the Ethereum blockchain.

We go to the OpenSea website and, there, log in to your account. We’ve got MetaMask, which should have funds in its Polygon network, and if you haven’t tried it yet, we’ve got an Easy Tutorial Video about that that you can check.

BUY NFTs without expensive GAS fee

Set to Polygon Chain

As of now, we’ve got around 0.0059 WETH in our MetaMask, which is around 19$. Okay, so with Polygon, we could start buying our first NFTs without the expensive gas fee. First, we look in OpenSea with projects in the Polygon chain, so set in filters, the ‘Chain’ to ‘Polygon.’ As much as possible, look for a verified project with a low floor price, but its NFTs are getting sold that you could check in the project’s “Activity.”

Set Correct Filters

Make sure you set the search filters at the left, the ‘Status’ to “Buy Now,” the “On Sale in” to ‘ETH’, and the ‘Chain’ to ‘Polygon.’ After that, make sure that the ‘Price’ is set to “Low to High,” as we’re just supposedly tight on budget and just want to have the sense of buying our first NFTs and the ownership experience. Well, look for the NFT that well suits you or you really like, in our case. We’ve picked this “REVV Aspire” that looks sick, the decals, the color and just overall amazing.

BUY NFTs without expensive GAS fee


Click the NFT you liked, and then it will open a tab showing its complete details. There, click “Buy Now,” and a message will pop up that reconfirms the NFT’s price. And then, to proceed, click ‘Checkout.’ Next, put a check on the TOS. Next, ‘Confirm Checkout.’ And then click ‘Sign,’ which prompts you to approve the transaction with your MetaMask wallet.

Received Your NFT

After you approve it in MetaMask, the process will push thru. Then after waiting for a while, viola! You’ve just purchased your first NFT thru Polygon without the expensive gas fee. The last thing to do is check your OpenSea profile to confirm if you’ve got the NFT in your collection. And as we check, it’s here, and how about you guys? How much was the ‘floor price’ of the first NFT you bought? We’ll be expecting your answers in the comment section below.


To be continued…

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