Flipping NFTs Part 2- Real Case: Buy Low, Sell High

Flipping NFTs Part 2- Real Case: Buy Low, Sell High

Well, dealing with NFTs for profit could be really tricky, and in contrast, it’s not uncommon to lose money instead. So, how come NFT millionaires like Gary Vaynerchuk and even several NFT youtube personalities made massive gains in NFT. So, we’ll be sharing our actual experience, but first, we’ve got a disclaimer. Disclaimer This is … Read more

Flipping NFTs in OpenSea vs. MagicEden

Flipping NFTs in OpenSea vs MagicEden

There are two ways of flipping NFTs. It’s either you do a quick flip for a fast profit, or you hold for weeks and wait for the NFT collection to pump in floorprice. Either way, profit is profit. And before we continue, here’s a disclaimer. Disclaimer This content is not financial advice, it merely cites … Read more

Polygon Part 2: BUY NFTs without expensive GAS fee

BUY NFTs without expensive GAS fee

So, ever interested in an upcoming project. As there are a ton of them out there in OpenSea that started at low ‘floor price,’ then after 3 months, like the ‘ZED RUN Legacy,’ its highest NFT piece sold reached 110 ETH. Well, before everything else, here’s a disclaimer. Disclaimer We are not financial advisors. The … Read more