Flipping NFTs in OpenSea vs. MagicEden

Flipping NFTs in OpenSea vs MagicEden

There are two ways of flipping NFTs. It’s either you do a quick flip for a fast profit, or you hold for weeks and wait for the NFT collection to pump in floorprice. Either way, profit is profit. And before we continue, here’s a disclaimer. Disclaimer This content is not financial advice, it merely cites … Read more

Solana NFTs Part | Amazing Tips in Flipping NFTs

Solana NFTs Part 3 Amazing Tips in Flipping NFTs

NFTs have proliferated like wildfire this past year, and NFT scams trailed just close behind. But that’s Well, aside from holding your NFTs for long and selling them after the NFT project started mooning, or reaching a floor price higher than its minting fee. We could as well do flipping with NFTs to make profits. … Read more