FREE Solana Tools that Gives You Unfair Advantage

So, when it comes to NFT space, the Solana blockchain is becoming the most popular platform. Currently sitting as the top 4 most sought after cryptocurrencies globally. And with faster transactions and cheaper gas fees, many choose to start their NFT journey in Solana, and we’ll show you the best FREE tools that you can start using now.


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Then, after reading this article, you’ll get to know how to analyze upcoming NFT projects like a pro. Also, at the end of this article, you’ll discover why you only need this one Solana tool to get ahead of your peers. That’s why, right away, let’s dive in.

Solana NFT Market Norms

After getting whitelisted, and doing your first public mint. Perhaps you’ll be curious what you should do next to earn back your investment in Solana NFTs. But as a beginner, this could be really daunting, and just like what we’ve experienced. While others are already earning, you’re just sitting there, looking at your screen, and afraid to take the next move. And that’s where tools come in.

FREE Solana Tools that Gives You Unfair Advantage

Well, there’s always a fine line between a project’s price and its utility. So, always ask yourself, “If Nothing would be better if you could check which Solana NFT collections are performing well. This means having the biggest volume in sales and an increase in floor price. And this website will give you all that for free. Moreover, you can start using it even without connecting your wallet. This adds an extra layer of comfort for those who want to try the tool for the first time.

SolSniper Live Feature

This tool literally acts as a sniper. When using the live feature, you can watch real-time the listed NFT, slightly above or below the floor price. Then, if it’s a good one, you can sweep it. Securing you a profit.

FREE Solana Tools that Gives You Unfair Advantage

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But to tell if an NFT is a good pick, you need to know its rarity. Very simple, if you manage to buy a rare NFT that was listed at floor price, or just slight above it. This can be a sure profit. Either you hold the NFT until the floor price pumps or just do a quick flip, buy listing the NFT in the average price it’s actual rarity sells.

For example, we’ve checked in how rare a “Miners of Mars” NFT we’ve bought at floor price. After finding it’s a  “Rare” miner, 2 tiers above the common. This can be an easy x1.5 profit. & browser plugin

This is our personal favourite and perhaps the most underrated  Solana tool as of the moment. Here’s why. On its website, you could already use the FREE, Rarity Sniper. This means without paying a single buck.

You’ll be able to monitor a “Well-performing” NFT collection, and in the dashboard, you can check the top rarities, indicating how lower or above they are in the current floor price. And with one click, you could sweep them before anyone could buy them.

FREE Browser Plugin

It supports most browsers. And after installing it. The way you’re checking Solana NFTs would never be the same again. Once installed, even without connecting your wallet, you’ll get to see each “rarity” of every NFT listed in the market. It will upgrade the marketplace’s dashboard to your advantage.

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To be continued…

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